Quick Setting inorganic Cement Capsule

Quick Setting Cement Capsules are manufactured by us are free from lime, chlorine or toxic chemicals and generate very less heat for safety and durability. For its efficient and consisting performance Cement Capsule is used mainly in roof bolting in mines. It has also proved to be of much use in checking the leakages in the pipeline and filling the cracks on the wall.

Performance Parameters:

Pull load:
        3T – after 30 minutes
        5T – after 120 minutes
        6T – after 24 hours

  ---   Certified by CMRI, Dhanbad for laboratory test and field trials.

  ---   High strength, hydraulic setting, conforming to mine safety norms as specified by CMRI.

Technical Specifications:

Available in perforated polythene pack with two sizes.

1.      Length: - 400mm
         Diameter - 32mm
         Weight - 375gm
         Soaking time - 60 sec

2.      Length: - 400mm
         Diameter - 25mm
         Weight - 375gm
         Soaking time - 60 sec

Packing Material:

Thickness of packing 100 - 125 micron. Perforation 800 no's in a capsule.