About H.S. Industries

H.S. Industries was established in the year 2000. It is an ISO-9001 certified company today. The company became operational with manufacture of a effective water Chlorination liquid formulation namely `Aqua Chlorine'. This product is now certified ISI product with BIS License. H.S. Industries has diversified itself into other manufacturing areas to cater to the needs of various sections of society.

H.S. Industries now manufactures four other products - Aqua Chlorine, H2S Test Kit for Microbiological Quality of Drinking Water (NRDC Licensee), Quick Setting Inorganic Cement Capsule and Anchorage Testing Machine. It also supplies dozers for its Aqua Chlorine.

Though three-quarters of the Earth's surface is water, only 1 per cent is available for drinking. This often requires treatment before its consumption. Water contains many kinds of microbes and organisms that can cause water related diseases. About 80 per cent of cases reported in developing countries like India is due to consumption of unsafe water and inadequate sanitation and polluted environments.

In its recent report, World Health Organization (WHO) has made it clear that about 25,000 deaths are caused everyday due to diseases associated with dirty water.

Chlorine and its derivative water treatment products, like sodium hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide are powerful disinfection agents. When added to water in fewer quantities, rapidly destroy bacteria and other micro-organisms.

In this backdrop, H.S. Industries promises through Aqua Chlorine to cater to the needs of proper water chlorination to the satisfaction of our clients with regard to safe chlorinated water.