Anchorages Testing Machine

This is hydraulic operated equipment for performing pull test on the already grouted roof bolts. The test is meant for measuring the load bearing capacity / Anchorage strength of the bolt. It shows the frictional bondage between the steel bolt, cement /resin grout and the rock surface of inner periphery of the drilled hole.

For testing for roof bolts anchorage strength in underground mines for a height roof of upto 5 meters.

Weight: 12-15 kg for 12 T Capacity, 20-25 Kg for 25-30 T Capacity. Eqipment can be accomodated in a Bag/Box

Hoses: 6 meters, Working Pressure -700 Bar;Testing Pressure Bar;Brust Presence : 2800 Bar ; Make:Thermo Plastic

Bridge: To Support in Between Roof & ATM Jack. Provided with no of Slots for better observations, Along with Bearing Plates on Both the Sides

Indicator Gauge: Show Hydraulic Pressure directly Calibrated to Tonnes with a least count of 0.5 tone to 1 Tonne.,along with Gauge adopter, Quick Compler & Mechanical Fixture.

Hydraulic Oil: Recommended one Like Indian Oil 5546/48.CMRI Certiļ¬cate for Anchorage Test Testing Machine and Opereation & Maintenence manuals are provided with each set of Equipment.


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