Aqua Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite Solution) BIS & Drug Licensed

Aqua Chlorine is manufactured in two grades as per ISI specifications

Grade I: With 4% - 6% available chlorine. One liter can be mixed with 40,000 liters of water. For domestic uses, 100ml bottle 3 to 4 drops is enough to treated 15 liters of water.

Grade II: With 12.5% -15% chlorine. One liter can be mixed with 1, 00,000 liters of water. This proportion of addition at source will ensure to maintain 0.2 PPM standard at end point of the water supply system. Purification or contact time required is only 30 minutes prior to use or supply. However, the exact proportion of addition will depend on the environmental factors and the level ofpollution of the water being treated

Uses of Aqua Chlorine

Aqua chlorine eliminates all dreadful germs, microbes & bacteria which cause water-borne diseases.Aqua Chlorine does not produce any side effects and does not change taste, odour& colour of water, but purifies the water.

  • Liquid form easily mixes with water.
  • No sediment formation in the tanks & pipelines
  • Prevents the growth of algae in the tanks
  • Higher shelflife, packed in sealed plastic carboys
  • No corrosion or clogging with lime in pipelines.
  • Economic and easy to use. Available Packing 100ml, 500ml, lliter, 20 liters, 35liters 50 liters.

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