H2S Vials (Microbiological Water Testing Medium) Developed by DRDE & NRDC License

HTS Test kit for microbiological quality of drinking water is a simple device to test the portability of drinking water in the field. This test does not need any laboratory facility. It is inexpensive, reliable and convenient method of testing a sample of water in the field conditions for its portability. Water borne diseases like Cholera, Typhoid, Diarrhea, an Jaundice are caused by consumption of polluted water. The conventional method of testing the microbiological quality of water test needs a microbiologist and a well equipped laboratory. It is an expensive and lengthy test. Desired result is expected only after almost72 hours

However, HS Test Kit indicates the desired result within 18 hours and is made available at low cost and most useful in our rural areas in which test can be carried out even by anun-educated person

No change in colour of water In the bottle/Yellow Tinge Water is fit for drinking

Water in the bottle turns black Water is unfit for drinking. Water may have disease causing Bacteria, hence it is to be boiled or chlorinated before drinking

Advantage of the test
  • It is a field test, hence water samples can be directly collected from the tap.
  • No need to remove the chlorine in chlorinated water, since the content of the bottle is instantaneously removes it.
  • No need to measure the volume of water as the level of label indicates it as 20 m1.
  • The test is simple, rapid and inexpensive.
  • The test can be even done by uneducated person in the field.

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