Web Monitoring

Website monitioring is the process of testing and logging the status and uptime performance of one or more websites. This monitoring tool ensures that websites are accessible for all users and is used by businesses and organizaions like RWS&S, PHE to ensure that website uptime, funtionality and performance are always upto standard. We can monitor Residual Chlorine, etc.

Salient Features of Our Equipment:
  • Aqua Chlorine On-line Dozing Equipment is very much useful to mix the chlorine into the pipelines directly. There is no need of manual operation
  • Total Residual Chlorine Measurement can be achieved by adding Potassium iodide to reagent to conver free chlorine. We can monitor Residual Chlorine, PH, and Turbidity etc.
  • Reagnet less Operation will reduce operating costs at a PH of 7.5 or less
  • Multiple Sensor Input Capability will reduceinstallation costs for multiple point monitoring operations
  • Self Cleaning Sensor Assemblyprolongs sensor life and maintains accuracy

In view of the above facts & Figures we would like to inform you that this solution would help the exchequer to save the time and money over and above the improvement of Public Health. The similar solution has been already supplied in United Andhra Pradesh much before the bifurcation and working fine in all the locations.

Hence we request you to support MP LADS to do Energy Saving Equipment with Mobile Operating Device & Online Chlorine Dosing with Web Monitoring System for Grampanchayat Schemes in your Amalapuram constancy, Andhra Pradesh. We are here with enclosing the commercial proposal for your reference. We are here with enclosing the work orders executed in the past. We look forward for your positive response and concurrence to take this forward.


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