Aqua Chlorine Dozer (Electronic Dozer & Pressure Dozer Works work without Power)

Aqua chlorine on-line Dosing Equipment is useful to mix the chlorine into the pipelines directly with necessary regulation. These are no need for manual operation. Since the chlorine is being added through the Dozer it mixes immediately with the water maintains uniform chlorination in drinking water supply. We have two types of dozers

1. Aqua Electrical Dozer

Aqua quickset Dozer can be suitably wired with the pump to enable simultaneous operation of Dozer only when water is being pumped.


2. Pressure Dozer (Works without Power)

Pressure Dozer is used for quick and effective mixing of Aqua chlorine solution directly into the water supply pipelines.

Pressure Dozer is specifically installed at locations where electric power supply is not available. The Dosing mechanism operates on the pressure of water line made to pass through its suction mechanism.